Community Work

Night to Shine Ball

An annual event for those with disabilities / special needs. We collaborate with providers of special needs services in Hamilton and surrounding towns to host a customized event that is unique for this often marginalised group of people and their parents / caregivers. 60 plus volunteers ensure this is a memorable event for all those who attend.

Hamilton New Life Church Night to Shine Ball
Hamilton New Life Church Night to Shine Ball
Hamilton New Life Church Night to Shine Ball


Weekly get togethers for those who are 50+ Often the elderly feel isolated and lonely. Here they can find friendship over morning tea and join in the planned activities.

Ladies Inspire Nights

Held 4 times a year and are open to the community to encourage, inspire and build confidence in women.

Mens Events

Held 4 times a year and are aimed at helping men overcome lifes challenges and build strong families. Facilitated by a fully qualified male counsellor with a Doctorate in counselling.


We hold regular youth group activities which are open to the youth in our community

Karaoke Cafe Evening

Once or twice a year we hold a Café’ event for people with disabilities / special needs. Well attended and full of fun, we create a safe environment for caregivers or parents to bring their young people to.

Community Networking

At the end of 2017, volunteers from our organisation created 100 gift boxes which we delivered to welcome the families who moved into the new subdivision around us. We included and involved the new businesses and shops (opening beside us) as a way to network the homes and businesses. At the end of 2018 we will be holding a Christmas event for the 100s of homes that have sprung up during this year to help them meet their neighbours and strengthen the community.

Community Programmes

As needed, we design programmes that meet the needs of the community. We are currently planning free cooking classes for that sector of the women in the migrant community who are struggling to understand preparation of foods in New Zealand.


Led by Jenny Rosser (Community Pastor) with fundraising managed by Dawn Raine, with sponsorship and support from a network of community groups. The majority of the work is run by volunteers

Be our guest

We would love to have you join us for one of our services. Fill out your details and our team will arrange to meet and show you around when you arrive at church.